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  • Audience Alliance

The Privacy-First Data Initiative

As we move into a new marketing future, a future where privacy, with more integrity mindful user behaviours and preferences, the digital marketing industry needs to take these matters seriously. As a company born out of the publishing industry we keep these matters in mind, daily.

Where does the concept come from?

As the digital marketing eco system shifts from intrusive third party cookie tracking there is a need for the industry to take responsibility of compliance and mindfulness in terms of how we manage data in the marketing and programmatic space. The Audience Alliance initiative is initiated by private players in the data and technology space to help publishers, media, agencies and advertisers to work safer and more mindful with online data.

What does the initiative aim for?

We hope that by integrating and working with data in a similar fashion, and doing so in a privacy mindful way, we can show the way for the digital marketing industry as a whole. By not only talking about this but by integrating our services, sharing the methodology and building a common data standard that can be applied across the programmatic eco system.

Members of the Audience Alliance have in common a desire and a focus to operate within the legal framework that is the GDPR, but also to actively work with the privacy principles of “Privacy by Design” and “Data Minimization”.

Samhub  is the Audience Alliance integration layer. Samhub connects population data, lifestyle data, contextual data and 1st party interest data to any publishers inventory. Integrity safe.

Global Data Resources is the original data privacy pioneer and have a big hand in developing next-gen targeting. Our partners are some of the world’s best adtech brands, all sharing a vision of respectful & relevant reach across all marketing channels.

InsightOne supplies the leading market segmentation in the Nordics: Mosaic Lifestyles. This is a full market segmentation that leverages public and private data into anonymous market segments that describes the complete market.

RAM is an independent research company who analyze sites and digital campaigns by combining panel based measurement with ad effectiveness studies and auditing of 1st party information. Delivering evaluated insights about digital campaigns audience reach.

Adform is a tech leader in the programmatic marketing space. Providing publishers with Adservers, SSPs and DMPs. And advertisers with DSP and DMP services. 

PubMatic is the leading SSP globally that allow for publishers to maximize their programmatic revenues. They are at the forefront of programmatic data management for publishers.

Join the Alliance

If you are a tech or data provider that work in a privacy mindful way
and want to join forces with others that do so too, apply today.

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