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  • Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer

Updated: 2024-06-12

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According to the GDPR companies such as Brain are required to  have a Data Protection Officer (DPO). Our DPO monitors our products and services and makes sure that they comply with the European and local regulations as well as make sure every employee has the correct training and understanding of how we manage data and user information.
When new functions and services are created our DPO is involved with the development from the very start, in order to evaluate: what are the purpose of the services, what is the legal grounds for the processing, how can we minimise the processing and how long do we need to store the information linked to the services.
Should an incident occur our DPO will be the first one notified and he will establish an incident report and notify the relevant authorities as well as any clients or customers that have been affected by the incident.
Should you not find the information you want here on the website, you are more than welcome to contact our DPO: [email protected]

Contact information

Data Protection Officer

Martin Bergqvist – [email protected]

Digital Brain Nordic AB

Kungsportsaveneyen 21, 41136 Göteborg Sverige

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