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The Complete Audience Platform for Publishers

Samhub for Media is born from the real needs of publishers to leverage their most valuable asset: their content and their readers, into profitable and safe ad targeting. Based on your 1st party data.

Add more value to your ad inventory through data that buyers desire

Unlock the full potential of your content and improve your inventory monetisation to increase revenues and simplify the sales process.

Less buy-side data

With the disappearance of third party cookies traditional media risk becoming irrelevant to advertisers.

Not enough sell-side data

It becomes hard to create programmatic reach and high quality audiences based only on your own data.

Buyers want simplicity

Advertisers are asking for standardized targeting across media to simplify their advertising.

The sales transition

Moving from selling share of voice to target audience is challenging.

The only data platform built by publishers, for publishers

Samhub for Media was founded and funded by the majority of the Swedish morning press when Google and Facebook steamrolled into the local Swedish markets.
They identified a need for unified, high quality data to power their ad inventory. That was when they initiated Samhub for Media. We have worked closely with publishers and media for over a decade so our services are live, tested and proven.
Increase eCPM-levels

Create ad targeting that advertisers want

With Samhub for Media you get over 400 audiences ready to use, based on advertiser demand.

1st Party Interests
Mosaic Lifestyles
Purchase Intent
3rd Party Cookie Free

Future-proof your tech stack with 1st party data

Samhub for Media has been developed to be independent of 3rd party cookies and allow publishers to leverage their 1st party data into sustainable 1st party targeting.

Data Management Platform
Data Enrichment Platform
Consumer Data Platform
Header Bidding Integration
Contextual Analysis
Data Cleanroom
Full Addressability

Secure programmatic reach in your ad inventory

Combine content & context with user-enriched data to maximize reach and audience addressability.

What Our Customers Say

+400% increase in reach vs. 3rd part cookies

Direct integration with buy-side data

Samhub is fully integrated with multiple advertiser data taxonomies that is applied to publisher ad inventory. Full support for all header bidding-integrated ad platforms.

Samhub Main Logo

for Publishers & Media

Samhub automatically collects, enriches and segments your users based solely on your 1st party data. Samhub segments your traffic and all content into over 400 predefined audiences ready to be put in the hands of your sales team.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Samhub for Media includes a DMP that collect your online data from anonymous visitors, segment and distribute your audiences with high reach to all ad platforms: Adserver, SSP, DMP, DSP so that you can capitalize on your most valuable asset. These are audiences you can put directly in the hands of your sales team.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Samhub for Media leverages your logged in users into even higher quality audiences. With login data your audiences becomes most valuable. Verified and validated information about your customers is the marketing gold that every advertiser want. It is the most trusted information a marketer can get and it is only available from you as a publisher.

Data Enrichment Platform (DEP)

The enrichment side of Samhub for Media is where you as a publisher truly get leverage. Data advertisers want is not in the hands of publishers, it needs to be added. Enrich both anonymous and identified visitors with marketing data such as Mosaic Lifestyles, population data, IAB interest audiences in order to maximize the reach and quality of your ad targeting.

Contextual Analysis

Many have stand alone contextual analysis services, with Samhub for Media it is included. The contextual analysis is based on the IAB taxonomy. Ensuring you are adhering to industry standards and making the most of your most valuable asset: your content.

Editorial Integrations

More and more publishers realise that editorial and commercial need to view the users and readers in the same way. This facilitates better services, better user experiences and better in-house communication. With Samhub for Media you can leverage your commercial data also for editorial purposes.

Advanced Campaign Analytics

At the core of Samhub are advances analytics that allow for a better understanding of customers, web traffic and marketing. As a publisher you can add this powerful sales tool to your sales team arsenal so that every campaign report is a data-driven opportunity to sell the next campaign.

ID Free Data Sharing

With Samhub for Media you can securely share your first party data with other legal parties such as Ad Networks ans sales partners. With the Samhub ID Free audience export you are able to share targeting data without connecting it to user identifiers. Next generation privacy by design.

Data Clean Room

If you use Samhub for Medias CDP you get access to our data clean room feature whereby advertisers can match both anonymous and identified customers to your user base. A Data Clean Room is a way to ensure the integrity of Internet users and ensuring you stay GDPR-compliant and privacy mindful.

TCF Compliance

We are a member of the TCF-framework and we integrate with the CMP of your choice, integrity mindful and secure. We are also members of both IAB Sweden and SWEDMA.

Fast Time to Market

With Samhub you not only get a technical solution, you get access to over 10 years experience of programmtic buyside data. This means better sales packaging, better match to your advertisers and faster activation of your data  in your sales.

Single Integration

When we say “Single Integration” we really mean it. No matter if it is one website or a network of one-hundred websites: you use the one and same script everywhere.

Instant Deployment

The moment you put our script on the website we start collecting AND exporting data for targeting. No delays, no waiting, Instant Deployment.

Business Ready

Samhub comes prepped with over 400 audiences ready to use. Audiences that are highly relevant to the buyers and familiar in the DSPs since a decade.

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