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Samhub for Media nominated in IAB Mixx Awards 2024

Samhub for Media nominated for 2024 IAB Mixx Awards, recognizes innovation & excellence in digital advertising. Their cutting-edge solutions & expertise poised
Samhub for Media (formerly Brain Media) have been nominated for the prestigious IAB Mixx Awards in the category “Best Ad Technology” together with Stampen Media. 
“I have seen a move towards less privacy intrusive technologies the past decade, and at Samhub we have been working towards this end for a long time now. As new restrictions are being implemented in an increasingly higher pace the need for innovation and shifting aways from old technologies are in ever increasing demand. I am honoured and glad that IAB has seen fit to nominate us and I think the matter of timing has been crucial in this nomination. Now more than ever advertisers and media are looking for what comes after third party cookies. I truly belive that our timing is now.” Says Martin Bergqvist, Founder & CEO, Brain Nordic (Samhub)
At Samhub, we envision a world where advertisers and publishers seamlessly connect, collaborate, and thrive in a data-driven ecosystem. An ecosystem where advertisers get better effect in their marketing and publishers higher revenues from their ad space. By leveraging the power of 1st party data enrichment on a global scale, we aim to redefine the landscape, creating a more fair, secure, transparent, and mutually beneficial platform that propels the industry into a new era of marketing excellence.
The nomination for “Best Ad Technology” shows that we are on the right path, providing technology and data that makes a real difference for both publishers and advertisers. 
About Mixx Awards and the category “Best Ad Technology”:
With a focus on creativity and effectiveness, teams and talents, creators, and brands that have taken interactive advertising to new levels are honoured. Mixx Awards are presented in several countries, and the Swedish winners join an internationally recognized group.
Best Ad Technology has innovated and improved the digital marketing industry through technical solutions for advertisers, publishers, media agencies, users, or the environment.
The winner will be announced on April 24th at the IAB Mixx Awards event in Stockholm, Sweden.

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