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How BK Häcken increased ticket sales with 6% through Samhub Marketing Plans

BK Häcken is a fast growing soccer team competing in the Swedish first division and European tournaments. They are highly successful on the pitch, but needed help to sell more tickets and bring more people to their stadium.


Increase in sold tickets and visitors


Saved on campaign management, per month


Campaigns launched per season


Customer Background

BK Häcken started as a small, local football team in 1940, but has lately grown to become an established player in the Swedish first division. They won their first-ever trophy in 2022 against the big rival IFK Göteborg, and has been competing in the top of the league since then. They are known for playing great football, having a large business network and their local connection to Hisingen, a part of Gothenburg.



BK Häcken has the ambition to grow their audience and to get more fans to visit their home games. But they had limited insights into who the typical “BK Häcken-supporter” is. They are also limited by being a small marketing team with a small marketing budget.

To succeed with their goal, they needed an easy way to understand who their audience are, and a way to reach the right audience without using too many resources or spending a big amount of money on marketing.



BK Häcken teamed up with Samhub to gain a deeper understanding for their audience, and to reach the desired audience in a cost-effective way across multiple channels.

They started with a customer analysis to find their best customer segment, and together with our team created a new marketing strategy based on the insights provided about this audience. They also developed a marketing plan around their home games, for both the men’s and women’s team. This plan includes over 30 campaigns per season across three different marketing channels.

The goal was to attract new people to every game, and to remind existing supporters to buy tickets to the upcoming game.


Work Process

The process from analysis to the first launched campaign took less than a week.

Our team supported Häcken in putting together their marketing strategy, and all they had to do after that was to create ads for the first marketing campaign. And even this is easily done through dynamic banners that can be changed whenever they need.

The rest of the work, like setting up and managing campaigns, and reporting on results is handled automatically by the Samhub platform.


Customer Analysis

Analyzed BK Häckens ticket-buyers to define and understand their audience.


Marketing Strategy

Developed a new, customer-centric marketing strategy together with BK Häcken.


Ad production

Implemented dynamic banners for fast and easy ad production with flexibility based on recent results.


Campaign management

Launched campaigns before every game in three different channels targeting their best audience.



Samhub automatically analyzes results and creates reports that show which audienc they reach and who’s converting.


Results and Outcomes

Since BK Häcken started using Samhub, they have seen an increase in sold tickets of over 6%. They have also gained a deeper understanding for their audience that is used both internally for their own communication, and externally for partner recruitment. 

They save around 12 hours per week on campaign management and are now able to strengthen their brand position with more marketing channels and a larger audience penetration.


Increase in ticket sales


Campaigns launched per season


Saved on campaign management per month


New marketing channels added

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