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How Branäs got 20x ROI on a campaign through Samhub

In our initial collaboration with Branäs, we focused on combining performance channels with “brand” channels and did this very successfully. Since then, Branäs has renewed their collaboration with us and today follows up all their advertising with the help of Samhub.

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About Branäs

Branäs operates in the tourism industry with a focus on winter sports, downhill skiing and the hotel industry.

They are a seasonal company with a focus on the winter months. They have positioned themselves towards the family segment and work both with brand and conversion focus.

Key takeaways - what you can do that Branäs did successfully
Define your ideal customer segment
Use the Samhub Audience Analysis to identify the most relevant audience for your brand.
Improve your mediamix to deliver real results
Combine branding with performance channels, but don’t forget the most important part: target in a unified way across channels.
Connect your marketing to your ICP
3. Ensure not only the volume of leads but also the quality compared to your Ideal Customer Persona (ICP)

Working method: Audience analysis - Mosaic Lifestyles

As with all our customers, we began our collaboration by analyzing Branäs customers to identify their target audience. This analysis identified a number of key segments within the ski resort's catchment area (market). These segments were analyzed and packaged into a communicative segment to direct their marketing towards.

Media mix: Display + Contextual advertising

To process this segment, we agreed to use Display advertising* directed towards the target group and Contextual advertising** on the same sites. That is, a branding part that established Branäs brand on a broad front in the right customer segment and a converting part where you paid per click to the site.

Outcome: 20x return on investment

The combination brand + performance proved to be very successful. Based on the average order value for Branäs, a sale of at least 20 x the media investment could be derived. This is based on direct traffic + conversions and conversion rate from campaign as well as estimated indirect*** traffic to site.

Ongoing marketing analytics

Branäs now analyzes all their incoming traffic through Samhub with the help of Mosaic Lifestyles in both Sweden and Denmark. This is done completely without 3rd party cookies and is therefore both privacy-safe and effective.

Samhub automatically collects the data required for the analysis and then matches the traffic on the site and from the various channels against Mosaic Lifestyles and can thus compare the incoming traffic of all media in one and the same way.

For Branäs, this has created a more holistic perspective of their advertising.

Understanding their market

Mosaic differentiates between the markets in the same way that Swedes and Danes are different people. With Samhub, Branäs can understand the both the Swedish and the Danish market because their both well described with the help of Mosaic Lifestyles.

With Samhub's marketing analytics, Branäs can understand both penetration, potential and the target group for the market in which they operate.

About the campaign and how we measured

*Display advertising: Display advertising is advertising on news sites and the like with so-called "banners" (digital ads). Display can be delivered on a variety of sites and in many different ad formats. We buy advertising for our customers "programmatically", i.e. trying to buy as many ads as possible, as cheaply as possible but still in the RIGHT target audience. you pay per impression for Display.

**Contextual advertising: Contextual advertising is advertising that is shown based on what the page or the content on the page is about. Native is a format similar to editorial content on a site but labeled with "ADVERTISEMENT". These ads lead to the advertiser's site and you pay per click.

***Indirect traffic: We have analyzed several campaigns based on clicks and traffic that could be derived from the campaign but that came through other means than clicks on ads. Based on these analyses, we know that on average 4-8 times the number of clicks on the ad is the number of visitors who come to the site in some other way (direct traffic to the site, from Google or similar).

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