Top 8 Marketing Analytics Tools for B2C Marketers

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What is Marketing Analytics?

Marketing is more complex than ever before, and it won’t become easier as more channels, tools and trends pop up. If you’re looking to succeed in marketing and want to get real results from your marketing efforts, you need to understand your marketing and your data.

Having the right marketing analytics tools can empower your marketing by transforming raw and complex data into actionable insights. These insights will help you create more impactful marketing, understand your customers and ultimately, boost your marketing ROI.

But finding the right marketing analytics tools can be hard, and many marketing teams struggle with multiple tools that compliment each other with different features and functionality.

To help you find the right tools for your team, we’ve put together this guide exploring the top 10 marketing analytics tools available in the market, focusing on marketing teams in the Nordic countries.

Marketing Analytics Tools

What Are Marketing Analytics Tools?

Digital marketing analytics platforms are software that helps marketing teams to track, measure and analyze their marketing performance. The most powerful platforms also includes tools for customer data, consumer insights and website analytics.

Marketing analytics tools supports marketing teams with valuable insights about the effectiveness and impact of marketing efforts and activities, allowing you to truly understand what actually works and how to improve your marketing performance.

Features of marketing analytics tools

What Should You Look for in Marketing Analytics Tools?

To find the best marketing analytics tools for your team, there are multiple factors to take into consideration. By identifying and prioritizing your needs, the decision-making process will become easier and you will increase the chances of finding the right solution that aligns with your teams goals and level of competence.

Data collection and integration:

Your marketing analytics software should seamlessly integrate with your marketing data sources, or even better, automatically collect data. Many platforms charge per “connector”, so make sure that all your data collection will be managed without breaking your budget.

Platforms and sources to include: Marketing channels, Social media platforms, Customer relationship management (CRM) systems, eCommerce systems, Website analytics tools.

Analytics features:

A good marketing analytics tool should do more than just collect data and present complex numbers. Look for a software that can help you easily understand what the data means and how to use the insights to improve your marketing performance.

The platform you choose should also have functionality for different aspects of marketing analytics, like website traffic or customer data, not only data related to marketing campaigns.

Reporting and dashboards:

You don’t want to add more work to your team, so you should think about time-saving functionality like automated reports and easily accessible dashboards. This type of features will make your teams work faster, and ultimately increase efficiency and performance.


Marketing analytics is complex, and it won’t become easier when technologies like third-party cookies disappear. Make sure to choose a solution that is easy to use for the entire team to avoid siloed information.

Security and compliance:

Your data might contain sensitive information, like personally identifiable information, that needs to be stored securely to not violate privacy regulations like GDPR. Look for a marketing analytics tool that meets regulations in your active markets and stores data in a secure way to maintain consumer trust.

Data enrichment:

As consumer privacy increases, you get less and less data to work with. Choosing a marketing analytics tool with data enrichment ensures that you have as much information as possible to analyze and make decisions.

Samhub use Mosaic™️ Lifestyles, the world’s leading consumer classification method, to segment your customers. It also adds over 600 new insights to each consumer group, allowing you to dive deep into their lifestyles, behaviours and needs.

Check this article to learn more about consumer insights.

Benefits of marketing analytics tools

Key Benefits of Marketing Analytics Software

Marketing analytics tools comes with numerous benefits, transforming the way you plan your marketing strategy, execute marketing efforts and understand performance.

Marketing teams can save up to 60 hours per week with the right marketing analytics tool. The time spent on data collection from multiple platforms, organizing information and trying to make conclusions from complex numbers can be spent on other marketing efforts driving real business value instead.

Unified Marketing Measurement

Unified Marketing Measurement (UMM) is a comprehensive approach to marketing analytics that integrates multiple measurement methodologies to provide a holistic view of marketing effectiveness.

With a unified marketing analytics tool, you are able to understand your marketing performance beyond channels and platforms that claims results. By also integrating 

This consumer oriented approach to marketing analytics is proven to help marketing teams improve performance and ultimately boost revenue.

Budget Optimization

⚠️ Up to 80% of your marketing budget is wasted on the wrong audience

Marketing analytics tools provides valuable insights about your marketing efforts. This allows you to understand which marketing strategies, campaigns, channels and offers that actually works.

Marketing channels will always try to claim the conversion, no matter where it comes from. By going beyond standard metrics and platforms own reports, you will be able to make better decisions and allocate your budget where it makes the biggest impact.

Improved Decision-Making

💡 Insights-driven companies see an average growth of 30% per year

Planning your marketing strategy and where to spend your budget can be a tricky task. By analyzing data from multiple channels and going beyond basic metrics, marketing analytics tools enable more informed decisions. It reveals the true performance and takes guesswork and gut feeling out of the equation.

Top 8 Marketing Analytics Tools:

Samhub Marketing Analytics Dashboard

1. Samhub is a marketing analytics platform built for B2C marketing. It’s designed to unify marketing and consumer data, simplify analytics, and give marketing teams more information about their customers and marketing performance.

Samhub offers a wide variety of features and use cases, including data enrichment, customer analysis, marketing analytics, and targeted programmatic advertising. Is serves as a central hub in your martech stack, collecting and unifying data from all marketing channels into a single, standardized data set.

By leveraging Mosaic™️ Lifestyles, the world’s leading consumer classification method, Samhub gives you access to over 600 new insights about each and one of your customer groups. This allows you to truly understand who your customers are, and measure performance based on from a customer centric view.

Who is Samhub For?

Samhub was built to make marketing analytics easy and accessible for all, eliminating the complexity of data analysis. Reports and dashboards contains interactive visualizations and painting descriptions, aiming to make actionable insights quickly accessible.

With a uniqie view of analytics, Samhub powers marketers of any skill level. You also get access to excellent customer support to help you succeed with your marketing.

Best Features:

+ Mosaic™️ Data Enrichment

+ Interactive data visualizations

+ Automated collection of data from all marketing channels

+ GDPR-safe and user-privacy focused

+ Over 600 consumer insights per customer segment

+ One tool for all your marketing campaigns

+ Fully automated data analysis

+ No expert knowledge required

+ Easy setup with a single script or file-upload

+ Excellent customer support


Limited amount of basic metrics (tools like Google Analytics can be good as a complement)

Only available in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway & Denmark) at the moment


Free plan? Yes ✅

Samhub offers a “free forever” plan for both customer analysis and marketing analytics, allowing marketers to analyze identify their most valuable customer segment and track performance from multiple marketing channels in one place.

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Google Analytics Marketing Dashboard

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics, a core component of the Google Marketing Platform, provides complimentary marketing analytics tools and solutions designed for gathering and analyzing website data. This tool produces vital analytics reports for websites and apps, offering insights that empower businesses to make more informed and intelligent decisions.

Through Google Analytics, companies gain a deeper understanding of their website visitors, including their behaviors and the most effective strategies for transforming these visitors into dedicated customers.

Who is Google Analytics For?

Google Analytics is ideal for a wide range of users, from small business owners to large corporations, digital marketers, e-commerce sites, and content creators. It offers valuable insights into website and app performance, user behavior, and digital strategy effectiveness, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to optimize their online presence and make data-driven decisions for growth.

Best Features:

+ Great tools to understand user behavior

+ Advanced traffic and acquisition analysis

+ Powerful conversion tracking


No customer support

Advanced tool that requires a high level of competence

No data enrichment solution


Google Analytics is free. However, the complexity of Google Analytics might lead to need of consultants, which can be pricy.

Whatagraph Marketing Analytics Dashboard

3. Whatagraph

Whatagraph is a marketing reporting tool for marketing agencies and in-house teams. It simplifies the reporting process by integrating data from multiple sources and pre-made report templates.

Who is Whatagraph For?

Whatagraph serves primarily two user categories. The first is marketing agencies that manage numerous clients and their respective accounts. These agencies can leverage Whatagraph to integrate various data sources and generate reports. 

The second category encompasses in-house marketing professionals seeking an efficient method to compile precise reports on their marketing initiatives. By connecting their utilized marketing platforms, they can easily select a report template to complete.

Best Features:

+ Big library of instant reporting templates

+ Great flexibility for customizations and white label option

+ Integrates with most marketing channels and platforms


No free plan available

No data enrichment solution


Free plan? No ❌

Whatagraph pricing starts at $249 per month with 20 “source credits” allowing you to connect 20 data sources. They offer 30 days money back guarantee and you can request a free trial.

Improvado Marketing Analytics Dashboard

4. Improvado

Improvado is a marketing data aggregation platform that streamlines the collection and transformation of data from multiple marketing and advertising sources.

It enables marketers to easily consolidate and analyze their data across channels in a unified dashboard, enhancing decision-making and strategy optimization without the need for manual data handling or extensive IT resources.

Who is Improvado For?

Improvado is tailored for marketers and businesses of all sizes looking to streamline the integration and analysis of data from diverse marketing and advertising channels. It’s ideal for those aiming to simplify data management and enhance decision-making without the need for deep technical expertise.

Best Features:

+ Integrates with 500+ data sources and analytics tools

+ Highly flexible and customizable platform

+ No-code software


Some features requires expert knowledge

Complicated dashboard setup

No data enrichment solution


Free plan? No ❌

Custom pricing only, no public information on their website.

Domo Dashboard

5. Domo

Domo is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) platform that offers data visualization and analytics capabilities. It enables organizations to integrate various data sources for real-time insights, helping businesses make informed decisions, streamline operations, and improve performance across different departments.

Who is Domo For?

Domo is an ideal BI tool for C-level executives at large enterprises, offering company-wide applications beyond just marketing data. 

It excels in creating high-level executive dashboards and general business intelligence, though it may not be the top choice for marketing data aggregation and visualization due to more limited integrations. Given its broad capabilities, it might be too expensive if used solely by the marketing department.

Best Features:

+ Interactive dashboards and embedding features

+ AI capabilities

+ Lots of options for data visualization


Complex platform that requires expert knowledge

No data enrichment solution

Outdated look and feel


Free plan? Yes ✅

Domo pricing starts at $300 per month which gives you access to 300 credits. The credit system used by Domo is a bit complex. Marketing Analytics Dashboard

6. Funnel is a marketing analytics tool that simplifies reporting and analysis by automating data collection, transportation, and loading.

It connects with over 500 apps and platforms, such as ad services, eCommerce, email marketing platforms, and CRMs, enabling users to adjust data handling, including import/export frequency and automated categorization.

However, Funnel’s strength lies in basic data transportation, with more complex processing needing manual intervention or additional tools.

Who is Funnel For?

Funnel is for businesses with a high level of analytical competence in-house. It’s about gathering data from multiple platforms to one place, more than analyzing and simplifying the data for you.

Best Features:

+ Connects with almost any platform

+ Fast and effortless transportation of data to one place

+ Ability to export your data


Requires a lot of manual work to get insights

Complex setup process

No data enrichment feature


Free plan? Yes ✅ pricing starts at €1000 per month including 1000 flexpoints. Flexpoints are a capacity-based unit that measures your usage of Funnel.

Supermetrics Marketing Analytics Dashboard

7. Supermetrics

Supermetrics streamlines data aggregation for marketers and analysts by automating the import of data from various sources into platforms like Google Sheets, Data Studio, Excel, and data warehouses. 

It offers numerous connectors for platforms like Google Analytics and social media channels, simplifying data analysis and reporting by eliminating manual processes.

Just like Funnel, Supermetrics strengths lies in basic data transportation, with more complex processing needing manual intervention or additional tools.

Who is Supermetrics For?

Supermetrics is designed for marketers, data analysts, and anyone involved in digital marketing who needs to compile and analyze data from multiple sources. It’s particularly useful for those who want to automate collection of data for reporting and insights, including SEO specialists, PPC advertisers, social media managers, and content marketers.

Additionally, it benefits teams in larger organizations or agencies managing data for multiple clients, providing a streamlined way to visualize and interpret marketing performance across different platforms and campaigns.

Best Features:

+ Easily transport data from one place to another


No analytics camapabilities, only data transportation

No visualization capabilites

No data enrichment feature


Free plan? No ❌

Supermetrics offers a free trial. However, the pricing is a bit complicated. You pay a fixed price per destination, with a limited amount of data sources.

Mixpanel Marketing Analytics Dashboard

8. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is an analytics platform focused on tracking user behavior on websites and apps. 

It offers insights into user actions, engagement, and retention through event-based analytics, funnel analysis, and engagement tools, aiding businesses in optimizing product experiences and driving growth.

Who is Mixpanel For?

Mixpanel is designed for product managers, UX designers, and digital marketers who aim to deeply understand user behavior and improve product experiences.

It’s also valuable for data analysts and teams focused on user engagement, retention, and conversion optimization, making it suitable for a wide range of industries, from tech startups to large enterprises seeking data-driven insights to enhance their digital offerings.

Best Features:

+ Detailed event tracking

+ Great visualization of the user journey

+ Great flexibility and customization options


Complex to get started with

Limited historical data

No data enrichment features


Free plan? Yes ✅ Up to 1000 visitors per month

Mixpanel pricing starts at $20 per month and increases based on the number of events.

Samhub - Best marketing analytics tool


In conclusion, the right marketing analytics tool can significantly transform a B2C marketer’s approach by offering deep insights into marketing performance and customer behavior. When selecting a tool, consider factors like data integration, analytics features, usability, and compliance.

Samhub stands out from the rest offering data enrichment and powerful consumer insights, in addition to more standardized marketing analytics features that other tools also can provide.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs, budget, and the level of complexity your team can manage.

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